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Dear professors,


We hope that the year 2015 has brought you enthusiasm and energy.

For our part, we provide our grain of salt in the construction of this New Year, by inviting you to participate in ourFaculty Development Program courses, where we offer you its full outline in this newsletter.

January promises to be very inspiring when it comes to our teaching activities. On the 28th of January we have the“Creating a Strong Relationship in Class from Day One” workshop, which will be held by Ana Rumschisky, and the round-table discussion “Ethics in Teaching Learning”, held by the professors Julio de Castro, Marie-José Garot, and Joaquín Garralda.

Starting on January 30th will be the second training seminar, which will be dedicated to online-teaching, and we will have Professor Felipe Quintana participate with the “Go blended and 2.0 teaching” workshop, as well as Professor Lucía Egea, with “Motivation in Class”. Both Felipe’s and Lucia’s sessions are completely blended, so you can access them from anywhere in the world.

As one of our most powerful tools, the case, we are pleased to present you as the multimedia Case of the Month“Ethiopia: Life and Business at the base of the pyramid”. This case, which is authored by Professor Gayle Allard and IMBA student Benedict Faber, gives a firsthand view on development policies by students.

Following with cases, the Documentation department provides us with a valuablelist of the main events, contests and case presentations. Please take note of this information because one of our future projects involves the production of new and original teaching cases. We will come back to this in the coming months.

But besides cases, our professors are developing interesting learning initiatives, like the ones provided by professors Felipe Quintana, of Operations, and Ana Rumschisky, of Marketing, in a video which shows the integration of these two key areas of any company.

We present here the visiting professors who will be with us during the month of January. Seize their presence to share knowledge. We also hope that Madrid will continue to offer its charm beyond its crystal sky.

And as always, for information purposes, the Career Management Center (CMC) has sent us their monthly info graph through which we can follow the most relevant activities carried out in its strategy to help and support the employability of our students and previous alumni. Thank you very much for your support in these activities. Also, theEY-IE Corporation Center Launches the Global Business Intelligence Workshop: myth or mystery? Which will be held on January 21st.

Finally, we would like to invite you especially to two upcoming events in which the presence of professors is indispensable. The first is the prom, or IE Winter Ball, unprecedented in our institution, organized by IE Campus Life, which will take place next Saturday 24th of January at 21:00 h in the Ritz Hotel, in Madrid. The second event is the Alumni Forum, which will be held on February 6th. As in previous years, a promotional code has been created for the professors, which will give them free access. Needless to say, that students will be very happy to share these moments with their professors.

Until next time!





Written on January 16, 2015 by Adriana Murlá in Others

The Faculty Development Program 2014-2015, as in previous years, will be focused on the methodologies of teaching-learning and the development of communication skills. Also this year we will have two new modules: a reflective seminar on the new educational challenges and a socio-cultural space that adds to the academic integrity of the professor. This is the Faculty Development Program which also includes online teaching-tools courses that are organized by the e-learning branch.


            ENLACE DE                   INSCRIPCIÓN

-Crear una relación fuerte con la clase desde el primer día. El contrato de enseñanza-aprendizaje.

-Mesa redonda: la ética en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje.

-Go blended and 2.0. Teaching, el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje en el mundo online.

-Innovación tecnológica en el aula.

-Dar feedback y evaluar eficaz y eficientemente a los alumnos.




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On January 28th we will have two sessions. First, Create a Strong Relationship in the Classroom from Day One, will be in charge of Ana Rumschisky, Professor of Marketing, recognized by her students as the best teacher almost as many times as courses given. Ana’s experience will be at our disposal so that we can all go deep in the preparation of “the first session”, that crucial moment where the foundations for creating an effective learning community are placed. The second session of the day, on the 28th, will be focused on Ethics, in the teaching-learning process. The professors Julio de Castro  whose academic reputation precedes him, Marie-José Garot, director of the legal department and former president of the Ethics Committee of IE, and Joaquín Garralda, Dean “Ordenación Académica” and responsible for ensuring the values in our classes, will offer a scheduled round-table that offers the opportunity to reflect on the moral issues for which our students show increasing sensitivity (and the business community in general).  REGISTER HERE.volante taller recortado

Day: January 28 of 2015, from 18:00 to 21:00 Location: Class P-311 (Pinar, 18) Language: Spanish/English.




Written on January 16, 2015 by Adriana Murlá in Others

Starting on the 30th of January we will be having our second training seminar which will be dedicated to online teaching, IE’s big gamble since the start of the century. Professors Felipe Quintana and Lucía Egea, true masters in blended teaching, will share with us their knowledge in sessions that simulate our blended courses: videoconferencing and forum. This workshop is a must for all those teachers who have not yet started, or are just beginning, to teach in blended format, and highly recommended for those who already have experience but want to contrast it with the fresh new take that Lucia and Felipe bring to their classes. Which is something their students are fascinated with January 30th: register hereRegister through this Link




In this edition we are pleased to present the new multimedia case, Ethiopia: Life and Business at the base of the pyramid.

The Ethiopia multimedia case was born as a result of a research program cofounded by Professor Gayle Allard and an International MBA student of hers, Benedict Faber. This project has three distinct stages; The faces of poverty, Doing business and Attracting Investment, and involves a group of International MBA students living in a mission and teaching English classes whilst developing the research project.

The first stage provides an interesting insight into poverty in Ethiopia and to some degree these experiences can be extrapolated to other developing countries. Students describe their experiences of living in Ethiopia and their research findings through a series of video interviews and images. This stage analyses the three pillars of poverty, nutrition, health and education and helps stimulate debate about the causes of poverty and discusses if and how development policies can take the country out of the poverty trap.  

The second stage of the multimedia case, which will be included shortly and is entitled Doing Business, will focus on learning what local businesses are like and what challenges they face. Whilst the third and final stage will take place in the summer of 2015 and will involve students actually selecting a company for investment in an Ethiopian town and arranging the seed capital for this investment.

This case study fosters the discussion about the implementation of developing policies taking as an example the IE research case study on Ethiopia.

You can view the case here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it with this documentation code: EC1-132-I-M.  If you would like more information, please get in touch through multimedia@ie.edu . Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through http://multimedia.ie.edu/multimedia

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