We would like  to give the warmest welcome to all the professors who are visiting us this month:

Eric Reiss – MDMK

Eric Reiss is a visiting professor teaching in the Master of Digital Marketing on March 17th and 19th. He is the CEO of Fatdux Group, a Copenhagen-based company.

Luis Alberto Franco Guzman – DBA

Luis Alberto Franco Guzman is an associate professor at Warwick Business School and will be visiting us from March 3rd to 12th.

Giuseppe Soda – Strategy

Giuseppe Soda is the president of GB Consulting since 2000, and has been a member of IE Business School since 2009 in the Area of Strategic Management. He has been teaching until early March.

Jeremy Whitty – MBM

Jeremy Whitty has worked in several companies such as: Pharmaceutical Translations, Wyeth Biotech, Gillette (Procter and Gamble), he is also director of Hibernia College.  He will be teaching sessions at the Master of Biotechnology in March.

Thomas Mendrina – MDMK

Thomas Mendrina, is a visiting professor of the MDMK program.  He has worked in companies such as Value Click and IMG World. He will be teaching in Madrid from March 12th to 13th.

Florian Eckhardt – MBM

Professor Florian Eckhardt is currently working at Brahms AG in Germany.  He will be in Madrid, in mid-March, from the 17th to 19th in the Master of Biotechnology.

Rui Oliveira Vieira – Information and Control

Professor Rui Oliveira is a collaborator in the area of Accounting and Information Control.  He is currently working on Borgstena Textile Portugal, LDA and will be teaching from March 6th to 10th in the Master of Digital Marketing.

Mark Fritz – Human Resources

Professor Mark Fritz is CEO of Procedure.  Author of the book “Time to Get Started and The Truth About Getting Things Done”.  Prof. Fritz often comes to teach courses in several IE programs.  On his next visit he will be with us from March 9th to 12th, teaching for the Master of Digital Marketing.

Alexander Van de Putte – Strategy

Alexander Van de Putte has worked in several companies such as: World Economic Forum, Shell International, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey & Company, PFC Energy International, U.S. National Intelligence Council. He will be in Madrid teaching on March 3rd, 5th, 12th and 13th at the IMBA program.

Joshua Jampol – Human Resources

Professor Joshua Jampol is a journalist, collaborating with IE since 2005 and will be teaching classes from March 10th to 12th at the IMBA program.

Andre Bauch Zimmermann – MDMK

Professor Andre Bauch Zimmermann works in Marketing department for Media Contacs (Brazil & Spain).  He will be teaching at the Master of Digital Marketing from March 17th to 19th.

Ana Valenzuela-Marketing

Ana Valenzuela has worked in several companies such as: AC Nielsen, Advisory Board Company, PUBLIESPANHA. She’s currently at IE Business School and will be teaching at the MMM program until late March.

Barry Goldman – Human Resources

Professor Barry Goldman works in the area of Human Resources.  He is currently working at Elias, Matz, Tiernan, & Herrick, and General Accounting Office. He will be teaching from March 11th to 19th in the MBA program.