Dear Colleagues,

The success of our degree programs depends in no small part on the close collaboration between our faculty, including of course our excellent adjunct professors, and the program directors.  We are particularly excited about this newsletter because it will give us a regular opportunity to share with you developments in the area of degree programs, new initiatives, and trends.  But our goal is for this to be a two-way conversation.  With your often very specific subject matter expertise, you play a critical role in enabling new IE programs and even stimulating their development in the first place.  So my request is that you share with us your thoughts, ideas, and reactions as we build our portfolio of innovative programs characterized by academic excellence and practical relevance.

In the inaugural edition of this newsletter, I would like to share two major program initiatives: the re-launch of our Masters in Management programs this fall and the spring 2011 launch of a brand new Executive MBA jointly offered by IE and Brown University in the US.

Masters in Management programs, which target “pre-experience” participants either straight out of undergraduate programs or with only one or two years of work experience, constitute the fastest growing segment of management education in Europe.  In fact, we expect the reforms of higher education systems across Europe as part of the Bologna process to further augment demand.  IE Business School entered this segment four years ago with our Masters in Marketing Management (MMM) program.  Later followed a Masters in International Management (MIM) and a Masters of Telekom and Digital Business (MTDB).  Even though these programs shared a common first period, they were fairly independent.  To better meet market demand, our Associate Dean for Masters in Management programs Paco Navarro and his team have given the program a complete make-over.  All students will enroll in the Masters in International Management and will share a common core of about 70 percent.  After that, students can specialize in either marketing & sales, digital business, or international business.  But that’s only the beginning.  Over the next few years, we plan to offer additional specializations in areas such as human resources, entrepreneurship, and energy & sustainability.  For many of these specializations, your expertise as leaders in industry and beyond will be critical and we are looking forward to working with you as we develop these options.

The second exciting new initiative is the IE Brown Executive MBA which we announced the first week of March and which will commence with the first intake in March 2011.  As you probably know, many of the top Executive MBA programs are now joint or dual degree programs between two or even three schools.  Yet all of them feature cooperation between business schools.  Our partnership with Brown University is so unusual because Brown does not have a business school, nor does it have plans to create one in the future.  Brown is a member of the elite Ivy League of US research universities and is known for its liberal arts ethos and for its expertise in areas such as thehumanities, social sciences, and engineering and applied science.  As part of a broader partnership between IE and Brown, a group of faculty from both institutions has been working on the development of a highly innovative curriculum and our mission has create an entirely different Executive MBA, one that pushes beyond the traditional areas of management to incorporate the many social, political, and cultural issues that feature so prominently on successful executives’ agendas.  The result is an exciting new program that weaves new courses in areas such as philosophy, psychology, visual arts, political economy, and cultural studies into the core MBA curriculum.  You can find more information about the program on the IE website at  Please share your thoughts and spread the word as we are implementing this exciting new project.

Stay tuned for more news from the program front in future editions of this newsletter.  Thanks a lot for your support!

Warm regards,

David Bach

Dean of Programs