Three good things about IE


First highlight that since I started my relationship with IE, more than twelve years ago, one of the things that struck me was the openness of mind in people I met. I think we are a group of people open, accessible, professionally prepared but also capable of having different views on the issues and discuss them to enrich our knowledge. At IE I have found not only colleagues but also friends, that I talk hours about aspects of teaching or others that have nothing to do with the classroom.

Another point I want to highlight is the facility of communication among all. There are no barriers, and there is a great accesibility at IE to find advice, help or just talk among ourselves, this is especially relevant in a world where we have no time, the agendas are full of meetings and communication is very complicated. I think that there is no substitute to be able to share anything that concerns you or motivates other people nearby.

The third aspect is related to the continuous improvement that promotes IE, to do things with a high level of quality. This is reflected in the excellent ratings of the school, and the pride we have to be part of it.