Joshua Jampol

Academic Area

Communications, Media Training/HH.RR

How and when did you get to IE?

In 1998 when I first came as a journalist, covering education for The Times of London.

What sport do you practice?

Swimming.  Also going to bars.

What is your favorite book?

Authors are Gore Vidal, Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken

Where were you born?

Los Angeles, California, USA

What is your favorite dish?


What is a good teacher?

Someone who makes the connection, provides information, listens and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

How do you keep up-to-date?

Working with younger people is always fruitful and instructive.

What is the secret to your classes or presentations?

No secret. Just be prepared and be yourself.

What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

Do it now.

What has been your worst experience in the classroom?

Once I was told I had a class of full-time MBAs (This was not at IE). In reality I was given a mix of full-times and part-times. Now, these people each expect different things. The full-times don’t know where they are going to be in a year, so as a consequence any information could possibly be of use to them. They want recipes, formulas and books to read. Part-times, on the other hand, don’t care a fig for any of that. All they want is something they can use Monday morning at work. I tried to offer a little of both and ended up pleasing nobody.