Simon Commander

– Academic Area:
Economic Environment

-How and when did you get to IE?

Since 2010. Through Guillermo de la Dehesa putting me in touch with the Dean and Luis Solis in 2009

– What sport do you practice?

Tennis and Cricket

– What is your favorite book?

Tolstoy´s Anna Karenina

– Where were you born?

Cambridge, UK

– What is your favorite dish?

Most types of fish

– A memorable moment

The births of my two children

– What is a good professor for you?

Clarity of mind, ease of expression and open ears

-How do you keep up-to-date?

Continual reading, revisions to data and lectures

– What is your secret for your classes or presentations?

Always try to be clear, simple yet provocative

– A ritual before teaching

None that I know of!

– A story in the classroom

No one story comes to mind, but many, many instances of curiosity, intelligence and humanity among one´s students

– What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

To stand up always for one´s principles

– What has been your worst experience in the classroom?

Teaching a class in statistics to a large class of unwashed and uninterested undergraduates at 9 in the morning!