The Participant-Centered Learning Workshop is currently taking place at IE. The topic of the first module was the Teaching Plan and the Learning Contract offered by Prof. Juan Santaló and Miguel Sagües. The main objectives of this module were:

* Importance of the learning contract in the academic context.

* Analyze the causes of success or limitations of the implementation of the learning contract.

* Development and use of learning contract.

The highlights of this workshop were, from the perspective of Prof. Santaló, the importance of establishing clear rules from the beginning and enforcing them continually.  It is very important to feel and express passion for the classes, which is the best way to transmit the message to students. On the other hand, Miguel uses a provoking style. More than knowledge, he considers important to help develop thinking and breaking paradigms. Both agree that it is very important that each professor develops his or her particular style and that he or she has to be accessible to students.

Moreover, the second module dealt with a subject of great interest to participants: Feedback and class participation.  It was conducted by Professors Gayle Allard and Camino de Paz.  They centered the discussion in comments from students related to the feedback and participation management during the sessions, giving some tips but also important tools as the grade center, turnitin or the tests and surveys manager, found in Campus Online, that help professors to do a better job.