Participant-Centered Learning Workshop

The Participant Centered Learning Workshop was held on April 6, 13 and 20, having the modules: Teaching Plan and the Learning Contract, Feedback and Class Participation, and Diversity Management.  Some of our professors shared their experience with us:

 “It has helped me know myself better and be more confident”, Cristina Trullols, Finance.

“Overall I am very satisfied. Not only for sharing the experience with other professors but also for spending some time with others colleagues”, Rafael Díaz Cruz, Marketing.

“The course has given me great ideas to prevent uncomfortable situations that my friends have gone through. It has been an excellent experience and we have to repeat it every year”, Juan Lago-Novas, Architecture IE University.  

“Other perspectives on how to manage classes, experiences and best practices shared from other professors”, Silvia Leal, IT Area.

Classroom Presence- Dramatic Resources


This workshop was held on April 19 and was offered by Richard Halo, from the Dramatic Resources Company.  He offered tips to the professors on voice management and breathing techniques combined with theater in order to communicate in a more effective way.


Some of the professors who attended this seminar expressed:

“There were some helpful tips about classroom presence, and about speaking more clearly, and forcefully” Garen Markarian, Information and control area.

“Good balance of theory and practical skills.  Interactive experiential style. Sharing the learning with colleagues. It was dynamic and enjoyable” Peter Bryant, Entrepreneurship area.

“Different from the usual communication training. Stressing the fact that we need also to play as actors do. Some very interesting games / role plays involving social status” Claire Bastien, Marketing area.

“I loved the comparison between the roles of an actor and a professor. It helped me learn about the importance in not only having the knowledge but knowing how to transmit that knowledge. Until this course, I hadn´t realized all that you transmit to the student, including confidence, security, enthusiasm and a passion for what you do.” Cristina Trullols, Finance.