Internationalization of the IE student body

Over the past 10 years, IE Business School has experienced a rapid and successful internationalization process, not only in the programs taught in English (with international students reaching 90%), but also in the ones taught in Spanish (with up to 60% in some courses). This process includes a large number of countries with close to a hundred nationalities represented on campus.

The internationalization process entails a great challenge for IE and for you as professors teaching in these programs. Not only must you deal with the students’ high expectations but also with their different cultural sensitivities.

Also, given that most of our programs are just one year long, the students’ adjustment and personal commitment to the program have to be 100% from the first day of class onwards.   The IE staff and faculty must do their utmost to assist and encourage students to perform satisfactorily in a program of this nature.

It is also important to highlight that many of these foreign students have not had a prior international experience abroad, having lived all their lives in their home countries. This may cause friction in group discussions or during group work.  Such tension can also be exacerbated by a heightened sense of competition in the program.

We recommend that you speak to the Program Management team before your first session in order to review the class profile. Please establish clear evaluation criteria and rules in your syllabus and explain them carefully to the students during the first session, answering any question raised. Last but not least, please manage class discussions and avoid or prohibit comments related to race, gender, religion or sexual orientation that could be deemed offensive.

IE’s classroom is one of the most thrilling learning environments; an incredible opportunity for any professor, I really encourage you to take advantage of it because you will learn from the students almost as much as they will learn from you!

Camino de Paz

Director of Programs IE Business School