In this edition Professor Roberto Manzano from the Marketing Area is going to tell us  how has he lived his experience at IE

My experience at IE has three phases. I studied an MBA in 1986. Some years later, in 1992, I had the opportunity to work as adjunct professor in the marketing area, but due to the inability to reconcile it with my professional activity I had to leave shortly. And the last phase began in 2006, also as an adjunct professor but with a greater teaching load.

The changes at IE between these two stages is simply gigantic. It became an important and recognized national business school and now it is considered an important and highly acclaimed business school worldwide.

I would like to highlight four things of this experience as a professor:

The first would be associated with the fact of belonging to a school like IE, for its prestige and international recognition, and personal pride that brings me to participate in some form in this project.
The second element would be the students. Increasingly international, coverage with increasing age, always motivating and demanding and challenged to advance and be updated.

The third element are the facilities that exist for the activity. From the area of marketing to all the departments that are directly related to the development of the role as a professor, such as the departments of planning, program management, documentation, adjunct faculty office, IT, e-learning, or library.

And the last thing, probably the most important are the human and professional quality of the rest of professors, Y which promote a networking that also means a challenge, and offers the possibility of a continous exchange of experiences.