The Adjunct and Visiting Faculty Office is pleased to introduce you the Corporate Partners’ team.

Corporate Partners:

Since 2009 Corporate Partners is part of the IE Foundation, becoming a cross-sectional area of support for IE Higher Education, to work mainly for three objectives:

1. Relations with Partners, defined as those institutions or individuals with whom IE Higher Education maintains close relations resulting from their regular collaboration and overlap in values, goals and interests, and who seek to transcend the level of academia-business traditional links .

2. Special Project Development: Corporate Partners provides support to professors/researchers and the different areas, in developing proposals for special projects, the search for Partners (foundations, companies and financing institutions), and monitoring and evaluation results.

Special projects include Knowledge Transfer Projects and Applied Research, Chairs, Centres and strategic projects that require coordination in several areas.

3. Develop Fundraising based on our values and through our partners (foundations, companies, professors, alumni, opinion, etc.).

Our adjunct professors are priority Partners for us in the development of the strategy of these objectives, both for their participation in  projects development and for its proximity to businesses and institutions.

At Corporate Partners we would like to identify the areas of applied research that interest you, any projects that you would like to participate and, of course, receive your ideas and suggestions. We invite you to know where we will be happy happy to give you more details about our projects, what we do, how we work and options to support each other.

Corporate Partners Team

Margarita Velásquez Mejía

Corporate Partners Director

C/ María de Molina 6, 1st floor

28006 Madrid

phone: 91 787 51 93


Andrea Dopazo Remis

Associate Director Corporate Partners

phone: 91 787 51 20


Miguel Ángel Pérez Lloría

Associate Director Corporate Partners

phone: 91 787 51 63


Mireya Recarte Pérez-Loizaga

Associate Director Corporate Partners

phone: 91 787 51 20