We have come to the end of one more academic year. Thus, we want firstly to thank all of you, our adjunct and visiting faculty members, for your support, commitment  and excellent work with our students. In this issue, Mr. Salvador Carmona, Dean of Faculty at  IE Business School, has accepted our invitation to write the editorial of our newsletter. I invite you to read the message he has prepared specially for you. Finally, please join us for a moment to share the tribute we have dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague Professor Jaime Casado.

The diversity of the faculty is one of the distinguishing features of the Business School and the University and, without a doubt, one of its strengths. Having a diverse faculty can bring us great flexibility with the needs of our students and other stakeholders.

The diversity of professor training is reflected in its very interdisciplinary nationalities and, most importantly, their professional experience. In this way, the role of the adjunct and visiting professors can be hardly overestimated; in the faculty meetings organized by the Adjunct and Visiting Faculty there are lots of professors who have excellent evaluations, as reflected in the awards for professors by which the challenge is delivered.

But not only that, the combination of academic rigor and professional experience is reflected in the quality of programs and subjects taught, teaching evaluations are important but not only that, quality that is not at the expense of rigor and academic excellence. For this reason, I would like to thank you all your commitment to the IE. In that sense, we would like for you to feel the same IE commitment to you in all areas of academic life and, especially with regard to your training and academic upgrading.

In this aspect, I encourage you to participate and get as involved as usual in all training activities organized by the Adjunct and Visiting Faculty workshops, symposia, etc, that can mean an important complement to your training and to your best academic efficiency and for the chance to interact with other colleagues in the faculty member and visitor, as well as with permanent.

In the current academic year IE has achieved a number of results and findings in terms of renewal of accreditation by international accreditations and rankings in various media. These external examinations are important and a reason as of why I want to acknowledge your efforts and dedication.

In this sense, I cannot fail to mention the sad story which occurred during this academic year with the death of our colleague Jaime Casado. Jaime was a good teammate and a great professor, who died in an unfortunate accident. His memory remains with us and he will be missed.

I can’t conclude this brief note without thanking Professor Luis Solis, Dean of Adjunct and Visiting Faculty, Adriana Murlá, Beatriz Díaz and Laura Herrera for their excellent work in coordinating all aspects of academic activity. This means that professors can concentrate on truly important aspects of their own affairs, on the understanding that other logistics and administration are in good hands. To them and you, my sincere thanks.

Salvador Carmona
Dean of Faculty