Dear Professors,

The new academic year has been fully underway since September and we are all wholly committed to successfully running the different Masters programs at IE in order to meet our students’ high expectations.

On this occasion, I would like to share with you one of the most complicated yet crucial processes in our programs:  the elective bidding process, during which our students select the courses that they will take during the elective period — courses that many of you teach.

The process consists of four different steps that students follow through the Campus Online:

1)    Pre-bidding prior to the real “buy-in” from the students. During this stage we estimate which courses/areas seem to be in higher demand. The idea is to offer all the courses that you think would be of interest to the students without any restriction from our side as to the number of courses offered.

There is also the possibility of offering a research project that you think could be of interest to the students. In the past, some professors have taken this opportunity to develop case studies. Students are usually very interested in participating in these types of projects. If you decide to offer a research project, you should let us know how many students can take part in it and the number of hours they are required to invest so that we can figure out the number of credits.

It is very important that you provide us with the syllabus or a brief description of each course as well as the name of the professor, subject, evaluation system, the possible use of a book that students have to purchase and the language and number of sessions. Based on this information, the students will carry out the pre-bid and give us an idea of their course preference. Upon receiving these preliminary results, the final list of courses will be determined.

2)     First bid: This auction is not binding for the students. They all have 1.000 virtual points to allocate among the different courses offered to complete the number of sessions requested by the Program Management team. Based on the results of the the first bid, students get a sense of the number of points that they will need to assign to each course to secure a spot. There is still the possibility of cancelling a course if there is very low demand.

3)     Second bid: This is the real “buy-in” from the students. The result of this bid is binding and the courses students get assigned will be the ones that they will be finally attending despite the fact that there is an add/drop period subject to very strict rules.

4)     Third bid: This bid applies only to the students that did not obtain any of their selected courses. They must choose other courses in which places are still available.

In some programs, such as the IMBA, we manage more than 100 courses in each elective process. It is very important that you meet the deadline fixed by the Program Management team that will be communicated to you through your Area Directors. Once the offer is finally closed, Planning and Publishing work hard to make sure that everything is ready in time.

I hope to have answered all your questions regarding the elective bidding process. Please do not hesitate to contact the different Program Management teams to address any concerns that you may still have.

Kind regards,

Camino de Paz