In this edition the Adjunct and Visiting Faculty interviewed Maria Isabel Guillem, General Director of Systems and Information Technology, who told us a about her department and how can help us when needed.

Which is your department?
My deparment is Information Technology Services unit who has different departments to serve all IE employees, professors and students. To get in touch with IT Services, you may contact Support Services department. If needed, Support Services will escalate your request to other appropriate IT department.
What are you doing and where are you located?

Support Services Department offers you hardware, software and telecommunications support in IE. To request technical or functional advice of application usage or to report any IT related incident, you may use the email address, or call 91 568 97 90 / or corporative extension 3333

The support office is located in Pinar street number 15, below. While the rest of the staff is located in Pinar 18.

What services are offered and how can help our adjunct and visiting professor ?

The purpose of all our services is to enable IE operations through the usage of technology, to provide tools, hardware and software; some of the services provided are:

  • Email
  • Internet access
  • Infrastructure and telecommunications inside and from outside IE (VPN)
  • Network storage to share information
  • Landline and mobile telephony
  • Printing and scanning services
  • Purchase, inventory and installation of software and hardware
  • Development and maintenance of internal and external webs
  • Backoffice applications and demand management of solutions
  • Technical and functional support