José Luis Calleja Pascual

Academic Area:

Information System & Technology

How and when did you get to IE?

A professor of  IE told me they needed an accounting professor so since 2001 I collaborated on it. Before joining I had to teach a class of a group very special students from the Executive MBA (EXMBA)  and two special students:  Director of Area and the Director of EXMBA.

What sport do you practice?
Walking regularly and occasionally sailing.

What is your favorite book?

The Origin of Species (1859) of Darwin, I have always applied to the business world and have seen a correlation between the evolution of species and the evolution of business. How difficult is evolving!.

Where were you born?


What is your favorite dish?

A plate of Iberian ham, bread and good wine.

A memorable moment:

Birth of a loved one

What does it mean for you to be a good professor?

Which is capable of transmitting knowledge and trace their students.

How do you keep up-to-date?

Reading a lot.

What is your secret for your classes or presentations?

I don´t have  secrets, I try to be very natural as I think the issues I discuss in class. There are students who like my style and not others, it is impossible to please everyone.

A ritual before teaching:

Concentrate on the issues that I have to explain and they have to be very clear.

A story in the classroom

One student after 14 sessions of Management Accounting (costs) in which stress the importance of cost control in business, I said the last day I had listened carefully but what he had said during the sessions was only theory because she did not see it in reality. I asked: What company do you work that costs are not a priority? And I said, at City Hall …

What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

Perseverance and the continued effort to try to make things better “to be” and enjoy a job well done.

What has been your worst experience in the classroom?

When students get bored yawn and especially first thing in the morning. I do not like and I is a small inner suffering. I find it very difficult to convey the importance of the issues I’m trying in class to their careers.