The multimedia case of the month

In this edition of our newsletter we want to show you a new section called the multimedia case of the month. In this new section you could  find a case that professors have developed in conjunction with the Department of Multimedia Content Development, to facilitate the learning process of our students.

R and the organization of the XXI century

For this first edition of the multimedia case of the month we present: R and the organization of the XXI century. Happiness at work?

“R and the organization of the XXI century” tells the story of the Galician telecom company, R.

The case shows the evolution of the company from its founding up until the year 2009, focusing on its human resources management model which is based on the “management by happiness” theory. The case consists of video interviews and explanations from the company’s executives and discusses the recruitment process, training, coaching, among others.

In addition, students can take tests on personal and work satisfaction, making it possible for students to relate R’ human resources management model to their own working life.

The author of the case is Professor Cristina Simon and the link to access it is the following:

To access our Open Multimedia Catalogue use the link and remember that all of these interactive resources are freely available for use in your classes at IE. In order to use multimedia documentation, you only need to include the name and code in your syllabus so that the Publishing Department can correctly post it to campus online. If you have any queries or questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at