The multimedia case of the month

In this second edition of the multimedia case of the month we have the pleasure of presenting the case “Strategic communication at Locarno Film festival” developed for the University’s Bachelor of Communication and the area of Marketing, as well as the interactive technical note, “Media Planning”, also for the area of Marketing.

Strategic communication at Locarno Film festival

The case “Strategic communication at Locarno Film festival” focuses on this prestigious film festival and in particular the repositioning of the event’s image in 2006. The case is separated into two main sections: Strategic Analysis and Implementation. This interactive case includes a series of interviews with the President, COO, and Director of Marketing, as well as interactive exercises which help students analyze the event. The second section of the case presents a “before and after” analysis, through the use of photos and videos, of those changes that were implemented.

The authors of the case are professors Laura Illia and Alessio Manzan as well as Michele Jannuzzi and the link to access it is the following:

Media Planning

The interactive technical note “Media Planning” introduces students to the different aspects of Media Planning, from the initial process through to the different stakeholders involved in the changing landscape of media and media agencies. The entire process is explained through the use of a real case study about the launch of a new car. After watching a small introduction by one of the author, students can view statistics about the media sector, its advertisers and agencies and then watch video interviews with the three relevant groups of any media plan (client, media agency, and media representatives). The final section includes interactive exercises and allows students to familiarize themselves with those equations that define the important definitions used in developing media plans.

The link to access the technical note is the following:

The authors are professors:

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