Dear friends and colleagues,

In this last newsletter for 2010 we want to share with you several important news. First, I want to invite you all to meet with the Dean on February 1st, 2011. Santiago Iñiguez will share with you key topics for our adjunct and visiting faculty within the present IE strategy. Please take note of the dates for three faculty development modules which will be taught one in English and two in Spanish. One of the modules is a new one in the series and is focused on the classroom leadership with the professor Mark Fritz. I recommend you to take a look at our December multimedia case developed by our professors Teresa Serra and Ricardo Perez. In the section meeting our adjunct and visiting faculty, you can meet and know closer to Professors Eloy Garcia from the Finance Department and Laura Maguire from the Human Resource Department.

I also want to introduce you to Claudia Correa that will be substituting Adriana Murla during her maternity leave. Finally we wish all of you a happy holidays and better 2011 year.