During the second decade of the XXI century, without doubt not only we will continue witnessing the evolution of the multidimensional global changes we are living in our economies and societies, but also we in the education and research sector will play a major and a more active role. In this process it is essential to have a clear understanding of IE vision, mission and strategy and for that it is of great importance the meeting with our Dean on February first.  Please join us.

In this  first 2011 newsletter edition I want to introduce to you  four of our best adjunct faculty.  Kiko Rial, Jordi Sevilla and  Juan Vindel are interviewed and share with us things about them as well as their IE teaching experience. They belong to the information systems, Economic Environment, Strategy Area.  Also I would like to remind you that in February we will start our faculty development workshops and that there are still spaces available in some of the modules. In our multimedia cases section we invite you review  the case web 2.0 developed by professor José Estevez who is one of our top researchers as well as one of our full time faculty members awarded with the outstanding teaching diploma.  One important news for you is that beginning this year all of our adjunct and visiting faculty can have access to the bibliographic resources of the Madrid Community Libraries including the Spain National Library.

Finally remember to join us for our happy hour on January 27 at 19:00 hours at Barril y Botella. To all of you Happy New Year.