Héctor Izquierdo Triana

Academic Area:

Accounting Finance & Management Control

How and when did you arrive at the IE?

I got at the IE in 2006. Due to some professors that trusted in me when I was studying, such as Leopold, Ignacio, Teresa, Ana and specially Luis.

What sports do you practice?

Scuba diving and soccer beach.

Which is your favorite book?

The Iliada of Homero. For that reason my father called me Hector. Also all the Tintin´s books in which appear the Captain Haddock.

Where were you born?

At “Los Llanos de Aridane, In the Canary Islands.

Which is your favorite dish?

Anything cooked by my mother when I come home.

A memorable moment in my life.

I have got two. The first one was when I first met my wife and the second one was a farewell in Dhandhuka (Gujarat) when I was teaching children, many of them, Dalits, started shouting “Héctor Bai”

What would you consider to be a good professor?

It should be an altruist in the sense of giving you knowledge, experiences and getting involve with the students.

How do you get up to date with current affairs?

The theory would be to read specialized forums with different subscriptions, participating in some seminars and in practice, would be to talk with other professors to know their experiences and/or to talk with consultants from other areas of the business.

Which is the secret for your classes or presentations?

Not to have two classes the same.

A ritual to have before teaching:

I would listen a song while the students are taking their sits. The style would be different according to the type of session to have.

A story while teaching. Being in Beirut with maronite, orthodox and catholic children, as they would not work in teams, I decided to locked the classroom, with adhesive tape and threw the key to the ceiling of the classroom. They had no choice other than do a “Casteller” to get out.

Which is your favorite phase or motto of life?

A person is capable of everything and anything in life. Be one of the first ones.

Which was your worst experience in the classroom?

The sadness of a student to who, before starting the lesson, was told that a relative passed away.

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