Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to our March newsletter edition. We have important news to share with you.  More than one hundred faculty members participated in our first faculty development workshop. I want to express our gratitude to Professors Enrique Dans, Mark Fritz, Lucía Egea, Hector Izquierdo and Miguel Sagües,for leading the three workshop modules. Carmen Abril an outstanding professor from the marketing department shares her IE experiences with us. In our interviews section I want to introduce to you Carlos García Suárez (Strategy adjunct professor) and Sophie Manigart (Entrepreneurship visiting professor). This month professors Mauricio Campillo, Florian Eckhardt, Barry Goldman, Heather Lawrence, Ramiro Montealegre, Daniel Rascher and Patrick Thorton are visiting IEBS to teach different elective courses.

Continuing with our faculty development program, Todd Lombardo will conduct a seminar on effective presentations on April 5th and Richard Hahlo will lead the dramatic resources workshop on April 11th.  Our multimedia case for this month was developed by professor Gayle Allard (Economic Department), please take a look at it (Breaking the mold in Africa: A new model of development) and consider to develop your own case. Also we want to show the good work done by IE Editorial and Publishing department.

Finally, I want to convey our special congratulations to our Operations Management adjunct professor Manuel Ruiz de Aldereguia that successfully defended his doctoral dissertation.

Spring is just around the corner and wish we all enjoy it