Miguel Sagües, Lucia Egea and Hector Izquierdo they were responsible for leading the module 2: Rules of the Game during the Faculty Development Workshop.

Miguel Sagües was commissioned to make the first speech of the evening, in his presentation made a great emphasis on the passion that the professor must feel when it comes to class, he also explained that students should be treated with respect to create an atmosphere of tolerance between the two parties.

During the presentation, Héctor Izquierdo and Lucia Egea discussed with the participants the techniques and practices used in the management of teaching in presencial and online sessions. In addition, reviewed the preparation of classes before, during and after.  Also, talked about how to manage the game during class in an online format.

For his part, Mark Fritz was encharged of the  Module 3: Leadership in the classroom. During his presentation he talked about the importance of understanding and communicating the why of things. He also mentioned, that it is very important when you teach to reach the people and make them think, feel and do. It is important to rely on anecdotes and stories to teach students because they remember better what they are told. Mark Fritz concluded his presentation with the words:

“Your passion gives you power”

If you want to review the material that was used in these workshops, you can see it in the online campus.

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