Which one is your department? What do they do?

We are IE Publishing and Editorial

IE Publishing is a Knowledge Centre with the aim of giving support to IE Higher Education: students, faculty, managers. Our main goal is to offer the best service in terms of publishing, documentation and edition of teaching materials for master programmes, executive education and degrees. Also, we contribute to spread out the word about the IE intellectual production in the academic arena both the national and international one.

Currently, there are 24 of us at IE Publishing, Documentation and IE Editorial, 21 people in Madrid and 3 in Segovia, at the IE University.

Cynthia Fernández Lázaro is the IE Publishing and Editorial Director. The associate directors are Teresa González, Víctor Cantavella and Paz de Teresa (as store manager).

IE Publishing

  • From IE Publishing we foster academic excellence through the diversity and quality of our publications.
  • We register and take care of the IE faculty knowledge, protecting the author´s copyright according to the Intellectual Property Law.

Document-ie. A long database of more than 5000 technical notes, articles, working papers, book chapters and multimedia, among other teaching material successfully tested in class.

From our department we are in charge of keeping our database active so that it can provide the best service to students and faculty.

  • We contribute to spread scientific production and the knowledge generated by our faculty and different knowledge Centers, Chairs and Innovation projects al IE. In this sense, in our daily work, we are generating more and more interest coming from several Educative Institutions, and very different companies towards our teaching material both written and multimedia, which has already become a reference both in Spain and abroad.
  • We manage the IE Editorial. We foster the publication and edition of books, PhD thesis, academic, institutional and commercial reports. We have signed co-edition agreements with some of the biggest publishers worldwide. One of the most important agreements has been recently signed, along with the IE Research Office, with Pallgrave Mcmillan, in order to jointly publish several books per year in the different management areas.

Documentation and Printing

  • From our Documentation and Printing division we give support to more than 70 IE master sections, the whole Executive Education courses and University degrees. We prepare their syllabi, documentation and required books.
  • Our documentation team: Cristina Vidal, Nuria Quesada, Marta Paños, Victoria Plaza, Ramona Sánchez de la Nieta, Sara Bajo and Ester Martínez work full time, along with Academic directors, Operations and Planning department and Faculty for the making up of syllabi and teaching materials that professors wish to handle to the students for the follow-up of their lectures. Julia Michilot is the one who manages the purchase of other business schools materials, being also in charge of translations and linguistic revisions. In turn, Maria Sanz is the person responsible of formatting all the IE teaching materials and its registration in the database. Ana López takes care of the necessary procedures to request all the bibliographical materials required for the classes from the different publishing houses in order to make those books available for the students on time at the IE Store.
  • The reprographics team is formed by Alicia Maroto as supervisor, Montse Román, Yolanda Relaño y Pablo Arias. There is a tight collaboration and communication between the documentation and printing team and Jesús Martín, responsible for coordinating the logistics operative and transportation of documentation, supported by Pablo Arias.

IE University

Publishing and Printing Department. Library. Store. IEU

This IEU department is directly handled by the Madrid management from which the strategy to be followed has been established according to the university environment and the IEU objectives. The Segovia and Madrid teams are working on a daily and cooperative basis in order to face the work in both academic areas.

The manager for the IEU department is Cristina Calle.

Carmen Domingo is the person in charge of coordinating the different documentation with the different Degree managers, preparing, printing and organizing the distribution on time for the students. On her side, Bibiana Salas brings support to the publishing houses in order to maintain the list of titles of the library and provide the students the books they may require to perform the follow-up of their subjects. They all cooperate at the pre-printing and delivery of the documentation, preparation of the works required by the different departmental areas of the IEU for the events arisen during the academic year.

IE’s Store and Library

The current team is formed by three people: Mari Paz Moreno, Gema Méndez and Paz de Teresa.

We are a specialized library which includes the bibliography referenced within the market, also recommended by the faculty for the different programmes and degrees, apart from the books published by the faculty itself and some of the most important bibliographic titles in the various disciplines that are discussed in the different areas of knowledge of IE Higher Education. If the students and the faculty want to acquire a title which is not available at the moment they can request from the staff of the store its location and delivery at the Madrid or Segovia campus.

The store is at the same time, the reference for the purchasing of the IE’s official merchandising. With a wide range of corporative textile articles, stationery items and other attractive gifts which help to consolidate the image and values of our Institution.

Our on-line catalog can be consulted at latienda@ie.edu where we will be very pleased to receive your suggestions.

In accordance to the values promoted by the IE, the store takes part in corporate social responsibility projects and you will also be able to find products supporting these causes.

Besides, professors will enjoy a 10% special discount in all their purchases of books and a 20% in merchandising articles.

Where are they located?

IE Publishing – Publicaciones

Offices at María de Molina, 12. Bajo

Ph. Nr. +34 91 568.9680


Documentation and Printing Madrid


Offices at maría de Molina, 12. Bajo

Ph. Nr. +34 91 568.9680



María de Molina 11, 13, 15. Bajo

Ph. Nr. +34 91 568.9600 Ext. 3000


Documentation and Printing UE University

Offices at Convento de Santa Cruz La Real

Cardenal Zúñiga, 12. Segovia

Ph. Nr. +34 921 412.410

IE Library and Store

María de Molina, 10

Ph. Nr. +34 91 568.9700


How can associates and visitors help our professors?

We are always willing to cooperate with the associated and/or visiting faculty regarding all the previously related services and among others and if required:

  • Give support to editing and publishing of books.
  • Support the dissemination and disclosure of knowledge generated (practical cases, technical notes, reports, articles, etc.).
  • Help them with their requests to publishing houses of bibliographic titles which they want to be made available to the students for the follow up of their classes. Now also on a digital format, e-books.
  • To find those documents from our catalogue or from other sources that the teachers or students may require.
  • To comply with all the printing, translation, linguistic correction or quality review needs, etc. that any member of the IE community may require.
  • To answer all those merchandising needs they may need to fulfill.

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