I want to thank the faculty that attended our workshops in dramatic resources and effective presentations. Please take a look at the pictures taken in both events.

Our congratulations to Ignacio Morales Plaza adjunct professor from Finance that has finished his Ph.D.

A new multimedia case in the area of Finance titled “Investing with Talent” is presented in our multimedia cases section.  It is a pleasure to share with you three faculty IE experiences, please meet professors: Mark Fritz, Enrique Dans and Barry Goldman. During this month, professors:  Jem Bendell, Luis Alberto Franco and Milo Jones will be visiting IE in the areas of Strategy, Operations and Economic Environment. Our next activities in our faculty development program are two dramatic resources workshops in Spanish: introductory level (April 28th and May 5th) and advanced (June 30th and July 1st). Finally I hope to see you in our happy hour on Thursday April 28th.