Redireccion del correo de profesores

Dear faculty members,

IE Business School will be using Google Apps for education as its main email server platform. The launching of this platform will only affect the functioning of the account. These changes will take effect starting May 4th.

As from this date, the new communications policy of IE Business School regarding emails becomes effective.  The new policy states that email exchange between Professors and the Institution must be done using the corporate email accounts provided for such purposes.  In case you wish to receive IE emails in a different account, you can forward them following the instructions attached to this message.

Changes in the daily use:

•           All the users who have redirected their email to another account, should redirect their accounts from the Google platform , otherwise emails will be sent directly to (you can find detailed information about redirection in the attached document). For further assistance you can always contact IT helpdesk by phone at 915689623, or via email at Google Apps platform offers a detailed “step by step” tutorial, on how to configure your email account.  Due to cloud terms, the IT department cannot make redirections directly.

•           User’s account and password will remain the same, only the domain name will be changed:

Current faculty account: xxxxxx

New faculty account in Google: xxxxxx

•           All emails sent to the account will end up in the google account by default.

•           The email access to the new platform from May 4th will be the following:

Benefits of Google Apps:

•           7+ GBs of storage means Gmail users never have to worry about a full inbox.

•           Integrated calendar includes subscriptions, group calendars and resource scheduling.

•           Web-based applications are available to access from any computer or Internet-enabled mobile device.

•           Access documents remotely and collaborate in real time.

•           Sharing and privacy controls let document creators choose who can access and edit their docs.

Please feel free to contact with us directly if you have any questions.

With best regards,

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

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