Professor Alberto Andreu Pinillos from Human Resources Area is going to tell us,  what advice would you give to new professors. Enjoy it!

The first thing I says to the new professors is that they get to know the IE Business School. Know their identity, know their DNA, to know why this school is unlike any other, what is made off and what it is today. IE is definitely different from other schools, neither better nor worse, different. It has always been a business school focus on implementation and action-oriented, not so much intellectual speculation. It is a school that seeks and rewards entrepreneurship, business creation, not so much rhetoric. It is a school without dogmas or doctrines, where you can find professors from across the spectrum. It’s a practical business school, who lives in reality, not a school that teaches to live in a parallel reality or in an ivory tower. And it is a customer-oriented school, which is the student. The student is sovereign ratings to their professors.

But this is my opinion. I think it’s good that anyone who joins the adjunct faculty have time to talk to everyone, with colleagues in the area with visiting professors, with the teaching assistants, with business leaders in company (who know very well the pulse of the market). In areas of communication and international relations. Talk to the former directors and professors that engaged now…. Talk to everyone. From there, begin to appear the main lines of the IE personality. In these two paragraphs, I have set some. The rest, I’m afraid it’s your turn to discover, dear reader.

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