1. What is your department?

My Department is the Vice Deanery of Research (VDR) of IE Business School. The VDR has the mission of stimulating and facilitating research in IE in order to present and publish research produced by our faculty in international prestigious academic forums and journals. Our final aim is to make IE Business School an international point of reference for the production of knowledge in management research. By accomplishing this objective, we benefit our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as the business community.

VDR also is in charge of the supervision of the library, and the supervision of the doctoral programs at IE Business School (PhD and DBA Programs), as well as any other kind of help or support that professors might need to enhance their research capacity.

2. What do you do?

The operational unit is the Research Office, which aims to support the research activities of IE, and its researchers in the following areas:

a)      The Research Office is responsible for coordinating and supporting the process of evaluating the research activities of the internal full-time faculty, run by the Research Evaluation Committee of IE

b)      It is also responsible for informing researchers about activities that may be of interest for them (calls for grants  or papers, research funds, participation in academic conferences…) through the Research Newsletter and the website http://www.research.ie.edu/.

c)       It helps with the preparation of bids for grants from government agencies or any other public body (National R & D MICINN, 7th Framework Program of the European Union, public bodies at national and international level, etc.) and the subsequent economic and administrative management of such projects.

d)      It supports the identification, acquisition and management of research resources for the internal faculty (software, databases, equipment and research tools in general).

e)      It helps with the recruiting process of research assistants for professors and researchers (grants and pre-doctoral contracts).

f)       It organizes, coordinates and develops the Tertulias de Investigacion (Research talks) within IE Business School, in order to exchange knowledge with visiting professors from other prestigious international institutions. These talks are usually held weekly at IE campus in Madrid.

g)      It collects the production of knowledge and research developed by IE Business school full-time internal faculty (books, articles in academic and professional journals, case studies, working papers, and participation in congresses, conferences and symposia…) through the research database called ARIES. The Research Office is also in charge of disseminating this information through the Report on Research, the Research Newsletter and its website http://www.research.ie.edu/.

3. Where are you located?

The Office of the Vice-Dean of Research and the Research Office are located in Serrano 105, 1st. floor. If you need to contact us, you can also visit our website: http://research.ie.edu/ and send us an email to investigación@ie.edu

4. How can your office help visiting professors and adjunct professors?

Because of the nature of activity (academic research), the VDR is more in touch with visiting professors.  It supports them in their academic research during their stay in IE. In particular we can help as follows:

a)      The Research Office can be a hub for contacts between internal faculty and visiting professors in order to create networks of researchers for the long run

b)      Encouraging participation in the Tertulias (Research Talks) in order  to present their research in these sessions while their stay in IE

Disseminating and communicating research activities that may be of interest to them (calls for grants and aid, participation in academic conferences… ) through the Research Newsletter and website http://www.research.ie.edu/

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