Felipe Quintana Navarro

Academic Area:

Operations Managment

How and when did you get to IE?

I studied an MBA by the IE in 1.999/2.000. Since then, one way or another I have been linked to the IE Bussiness School. First, as a student and later  colaborating with some of my professors in Strategy, Operations and Family Business. After that, I took a course in the IE on learning how to teach in a business school  and right now  I am a Professor for the Global MBA (a blended an innovative education). I have lived the IE experience from different point s  of view and  have perceived  the excellent evolution of the IE Business School as well

What sport do you practice?

Mainly raquet Sports: tennis, padel, frontennis and squash. I have taken part even in frontennis national competitions. Sports are a “must” for me in my daily life

What is your favorite book?

I choose the book “Nadal serve, Socrates answer”. I love sports and I think we can learn a lot about spotrs and high level competition  and apply that knowlegde in a business environment. This is a   book written by Toni Nadal, coach of Rafael Nadal, and Pere Mas, a philosopher. This book is about  the key skills that make  Rafa Nadal such a big winner: work, discipline, humility, simplicity, respect, competitiveness. All of them are very important qualities at the business world

Where were you born?

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Canary Islands, Spain

What is your favorite dish?

My grandmother’s desert “Rice with milk”. Eating  that desert only at my grandmother’s house is my tribute to her.

A memorable moment:

Receiving the Award fot the best professor of the GMBA 2010/2011 was a very  special momento for me. It was at the Congress Palace of Madrid. This Award has been the most  motivating present  I have received and gives me some extra energy for going on with my teaching career as professor at  the IE Business School.

What does it mean for you to be a good professor?

It  means : Knowledge, Commitment, communication capacity and respect.  These are the skills I think are most  valuable in a good professor. It is also important to connect with your students so they can do their best. In this way, you motivate them to learn and to share knowledge, doing every class a new and different experience.

How do you keep up-to-date?

I keep up-to-date thanks to my colleagues of Area and also thanks to my students. I get a lot of updated information and knowledge talking to Daisy Escobar, Luis Solís, Ángel Díaz and Oswaldo Lorenzo. Furthermore students are really a very important source of  knowledge  regarding  the area of Operations.  Videos, news, all helps. So, year by year, I learn more and more. Of course, you always need to consult the specialized bibliography  and at the same time the IE library is an essential  source. Resources are just there, you only need to count on them.

What is your secret for your classes or presentations?

I don’t think I have a special secret. Every class flows in a natural way. Basic on my teaching system I would say it is the concept of direct messages, clear and “get to the point”, participating classes, get students involved, continuous feedbacks  and lead by examples

A ritual before teaching:

I think rituals help us to keep the concentration, so I’ve got plenty of rituals: a)I always have water close to me, b) I use to prepare very well my classes reading my notes of previous years, c) I  memorize the names of my students  and d) I try to get enough rest  before my classes, so I am able to communicate more fluently and with all my capacity to transmit and share as much knowledge as possible. ·

A story in the classroom:

I get surprised every day by the students. For example, I remenber that one group prepare a Roll play and they disguised in a very creative way for the presentation. They really did a great job and it was  fun , deep and  a full of knowledge  class. Creativity and amusement are two excellent catalysts for the process of learning. Of course, staying always on the line of professionalism.

What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

Make it simple. Sometimes we do things in a difficult and complicated way. If you can make it simple, do it. Less energy and effort will be required.

What has been your worst experience in the classroom?

I have been very lucky and I haven’t had any significant bad experience. I remenber  a Videconference, where the document  temporized  automatically and the slides went  ahead in a crazy way. Lucky of me, the staff of Help On Line was there, actually  it is always there. They are really a great support  as well as  the Program Responsible, Teresa Martínez.  It is a team and we are all part of it.

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