The multimedia case of the month

Alliance Airlines vs European Wings: Playing the Pricing Game is a game in which students adopt the role of marketing manager of an airline competing in the European airline market. For a total duration of twelve months (in the game), students have to set the monthly prices for the different routes: for weekdays and weekdays, and considering Economy and Business Class. Once the prices for a month have been set, the simulation advances and shows students the results of their actions. There are two airlines competing in the market: “Alliance Airline” which is being controlled by the students and “European Wings” which is controlled by the simulation, following instructions from the professor. (Both airlines have the same characteristics).

This game has recently been developed by Professor Martin Boehm, who has already used the game several times in his classes, obtaining very good results from the experience.

A control screen has been developed from which the professor can set the game scenarios for the class.  From this screen it is also possible to show the ranking of students’ results, as well as instructional videos for both students and professors.

Try the game using this link:

If you want to use it in your classes, please contact in order to receive the professor’s link and so that you can be assisted the first time you use it in class.

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