Joaquin Espallargas Iberni.

Academic Area:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

How and when did you get to IE?

In fact I am an IE alumni. I belong to the 1991-92 mba class. I am an IE professor since 2007.

What sport do you practice?

Unfortunately I should use past tense here: basketball, parachuting, padel and karate were my favourites.

What is your favorite book?

Four: “Autobiografía de un triunfador” de Lee Iacoca, “El Padrino” de Mario Puzo,  “Niebla” de Miguel de Unamuno y “Sin noticias de gurb” de Eduardo Mendoza.

Where were you born?


What is your favorite dish?

Every dish I need a spoon: fabada, cocido, paella… I love Spanish cuisine.

A memorable moment:

I´ll give you two: a) I was in berlin when the wall fell, it was amazing to see the people ignoring former border. B) First karate championship I won: it was a minor trophy… but I still remember how I felt!

What does it mean for you to be a good professor?

He/she has to love teaching (this is a must), has to be able to teach more than one subject (I prefer multitask to monotask people) and has to be funny while teaching (nothing worse than a boring professor)

How do you keep up-to-date?

Read, read and read: I ready more than one book per week and five different newspapers from five different countries every day.

What is your secret for your classes or presentations?

I must believe what I teach… and in most of the cases I provide to the students not just theoretical knowledge but personal experiences that support the theory.

A ritual before teaching: ?

I read my script once the day before the session, at least twice the day of the session… and I arrive to the IE at least ten minutes soon of the session.

A story in the classroom:

I was professor at the university (I was 23 years old) and a student who was older than me and who had not passed my exam came to my office to go through his exam… with his father!

What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

I received the same question fourteen years ago during a course my employer paid to me. I wrote it in a paper and I have that paper, already framed… and yellowing, in front of me in my office: “never rush, never shout, be polite”.

What has been your worst experience in the classroom?

I was already an IE professor and one student arrived late and drunk to the class… it was really embarrassing for all of us!

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