IE Business School and Wharton  have signed an agreement to carry out the program Global Consulting Practicum (GCP), in which the project is input or consolidation of Spanish companies in the U.S. This year is the 6th call it. From the Corporate Partners of IE are selecting the companies that participate in the next edition.

The reason for contact is to ask your collaboration if, in their professional activities with a company is small or medium size with an interest in the American market. If yes or need more information, please feel free contact the Corporate Partners in the mail or phone 91 787 51 63 (Miguel Ángel Pérez).

Below these lines you describe the project and take this opportunity to invite you to the event, “Internationalisation of Spanish SME in the U.S.” the next day September 26th in Aula Magna. It will involve Fernando Spears, ICEX Promotion Director, IE Business School professors (Enrique Ogliastri, Nestor Miranda and Miguel Aguirre) and companies that have previously participated in the project.

Invitacion Evento Internacionalizacion EEUU

Proyecto Wharton Consultancy Practicum

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