Allow me to introduce you to some of our outstanding adjunct and visiting faculty members. Adjunct professor in accounting, Joaquin Uribarri, shares with us his IE experience.  We have interviews with Carlos Gallo and Frank Lexa: adjunct professors in Finance and Biotechnology.  The following visiting professors will be teaching at IE this month:  Juan José Fernández Ansola (USA), Mark Fritz (UK) , Joachim Greuel (Germany), Todd Lombardo  (USA) and  Jeremy Whitty (Ireland). Please take a couple of minutes to browse through our multimedia case archive; this month we bring you the new “5S” case, which was developed by Operations Management professors, Daisy Escobar and Luis Miravitlles. Visit our pictures gallery for the recent events, including our teaching award ceremony as well as the news related with the most recent publications and presentations from our adjunct and visiting faculty.

• Enjoy the IE experience with Joaquin Uribarri

• Interview with Carlos Gallo and Frank Lexa

• Welcome to our new visiting and adjunct professors

Professors Juan Jose Fernandez Ansola, Mark Fritz, Joachim Greuel, Todd Lombardo and Jeremy Whitty will be teaching at IE this month.

• The multimedia case of the month introduces 5S for Services and was written professors Daisy Escobar and Luis Miravitlles

• Juan Carlos Olarra has published an article in Estrella Digital

• David Millan has published a book entitled “Cuestión de valores”

• The Associate Dean for Adjunct and Visiting Faculty at IE Business School held the fifth annual department meeting that rewards the hard work and dedication of our professors