A place:

My favorite urban places are: Paris, San Francisco and (of course) Madrid. Outdoors, I like anywhere that has good SCUBA diving or good skiing.

A book:

I like to relax with fiction, particularly mysteries. My favorite authors include Ian Rankin and Henning Mankell.

What sport do you practice?

At my university, I was a swimmer. Now I prefer bicycling and skiing.

3 favorite websites:

I use many, but I particularly like the Economist, the International Herald Tribune and Science sites.

A dream:

My dream is to ride my bike across North America and then continue on around the globe, riding on every continent.

A memory in the classroom:

The first year that I taught at IE, I had a student who was having some difficulty with the material related to how to evaluate issues such as time value of money and risk. We spent some time during a break working through it one on one. They were very grateful and sent me a nice thank you note saying that now they really understood the concepts. That touched me.

A memorable moment:

Hiking to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The beauty of watching the sun come up over the top of Africa is impossible to put into words

Your best professor:

I have had many great professors, but the best was in medical school, I had a professor, Robert Cutler who was not only a great doctor, but also a scientist and role model.

You can´t live without:

Good coffee, my bicycles and my family (not necessarily in that order)

A ritual before teaching:

I always check the news to make sure that there isn’t anything that just happened that impacts on what we are about to do. I always want to be up to date.

What is your favorite quote or motto of life?

I like this one from Einstein: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”