1. A place: A night underneath the stars in the Madre de Dios forest in Peru, next to a ½km wide river.

2. A book: Many. Each book is unique. Some authors I enjoy reading are Sandor Marai, Paul Auster and Carmen Martín Gaite.

3. What sport do you practice? I practice Pilates twice a week, I bike, and go for walks.

4. 3 favorite websites: www.ted.com , www.elplacerdelalectura.com

5. A dream: I´ve accomplished many of them. I would like to travel for a year without an itinerary and write a travel diary.

6. A song: I listen to a diverse selection of music, decisions, decisions…. U2, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, as for classics I enjoy Frank Sinatra, everything from the golden age of Spanish pop, and lately I´ve been  pleasantly surprised by Russian Red.

7. A memory in the classroom: On the first day of class, I always ask my students what they think about Human Resources. Once, a student told me that it was a “filler” function that didn´t contribute anything to a company.

By the end of the course, the student thanked me and admitted they had been mistaken and completely understood the importance of HR.  This made me feel very satisfied.

8. Your best professor: In the academic environment, my favorite professor has been Carlos de La Pedraja (from IE). In my work experience, Carmen Goytre, has been a great teacher and in my personal life, my father.

9. You can´t live without: Without my family and without 20 minutes for “me time”.

10. A ritual before teaching. Give thanks, because I also learn from my students.

11. The best article you read recently: I like to read articles relating to global trends (even if they don´t always predict correctly) and where the world is heading, as well as corporations and people.

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