1. A place: Asturias, “la tierrina”

2. A book: Ill fares the land, by Tony Judt, a must read, considering the current economic situation

3. What sport do you practice? Paddle, ski and table tennis (at the office and outside )

4. 3 favorite websites:

a. Twitter, which has changed it all

b. Tech crunch, to stay tuned on the startup world

c. LinkedIn, to open impossible connections

5. A dream: Finding some balance in this society, at all levels

6. A song: Un millón de estrellas, by Polo Montañés, brings memories back to life

7. A memory in the classroom: I have been mistakenly taken as another student many times. I like the feeling of comradeship with my students.

8. Your best professor: I have had many good ones. I believe something can be learnt from anyone, everyday. But I would say, my father.

9. You can´t live without: My wife and my baby daughter, who give me stability and common sense in this crazy world of entrepreneurs and new ventures.

10. A ritual before teaching: First of all I make sure that my Mac is not entering into any conflict with the rooms technology and I need to have some water beneath. I talk a lot and drink even more.

11. The best article you read recently: Since I am in twitter I read far too many. But an interesting one about how to raise a venture fund is: http://randfishkin.com/blog/128/misadventures-venture-capital-funding

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