Bicing: Public Bike for Barcelona

Have a look at the new multimedia case that we are offering this month

Today’s society is becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and the environment. We recycle more, we use less energy sue to efficient technologies, but we still use non-renewable energy when we go to work. Should we use clean energy such as cycling? Should the government help us make that change?

Jump on and take a ride through our Bicing Case in Barcelona. This interactive case has been developed by Professor Gildo Seisdedos for the Marketing Management Area and focuses on the success of the initiative to provide the citizens of Barcelona with a new means of transport – public bicycles.

The case includes several videos not only on the public bicycle system in Barcelona, ​​but also about Clear Channel, the outdoor advertising company that provides the service and several testimonials of local users.

In addition, this case includes interviews with Clear Channel Executives about how the Smartbike system in general, and Bicing in Barcelona in particular, may help the company achieve better sales numbers by breaking into this new business model. We really encourage you to analyze the case, the link to access the material is:

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