With great pleasure I welcome you to the November edition of our newsletter. I would like to begin this editorial by sharing with you a phrase I read in the recently published book by Santiago Iñiguez “The Learning Curve.”  He wrote: “I consider myself enormously fortunate to have been able to dedicate my life to teaching.” Personally I think in his phrase captures a feeling shared by our entire adjunct and visiting faculty. We at IE are deeply grateful for your great work with our students.

This month we have a newsletter with many interesting notes and information for you.  In particular, I want to bring your attention to the information related with the Faculty Symposium we have organized for you and will be celebrated on January 25th. The three main topics that are the content of this event are: (1) the role of faculty in the new era of business education; (2) managing students and faculty expectations and (3) integration of technology and pedagogy. Please mark your calendar and join us in the important event. 

As it becomes more important to be accredited to teach in Spanish Universities and Schools, we are offering to our interested adjunct faculty, information and support to obtain accreditation from ANECA. I invite you to read the different sections from our newsletter, particularly to see the large number of visiting professors at IE this month.