Aravind: The McDonald’s of Health Organizations

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This case examines the lean operations model of Aravind, the largest eye care provider in the world, with over 2.5 million operations performed and 20 million patients treated in the last thirty years.

The interactive case has been developed by Professor Angel Diaz, along with the help of alumni Stephan Pahls and Juan Pons for the area of Operations Management. It focuses on the application of Lean Operations in the service sector models, in general, and the healthcare industry in particular.

Aravind is an Indian not-for profit organization in which two thirds of the patients are treated for free. It uses an operations model that is very similar to McDonald’s, achieving its goals by strict attention to cost optimization and manufacturing their own medical supplies. 

Through interactive graphs videos and with the help of a process simulation, the comprehension of certain concepts such as process capacity and system variability is much easier.

The simulator begins by showing several scenarios that show how variability affects a Lean system.  Students can then interact with the simulator, entering their own values for certain variables, so that they can see how the system is affected by the assumptions they made.

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