In this installment of the multimedia case of the month we highlight a case which can be used for both Strategy and Organizational Behavior courses: Rosa Vañó in Castillo de Canena

caso multiumedia enero2014

The story of Castillo de Canena and the career transitions of its managers. All the answers, direct from the real stars of the case!

Castillo de Canena is a new development by the Multimedia Department and Professors Custodia Cabanas and Rosario Silva of IE Business School. It details the experiences of the Vañó siblings, Rosa and Francisco, during their passage from top multinational careers to creating their own business, and the strategic decisions they made to convert Castillo de Canena into an international premium olive oil brand.

The case provides a description of the events through videos of the protagonists, with the added value of their own experience. It also analyzes the personality of both managers, their careers, how they negotiated the change in their career paths, their styles, incompatibilities and value systems. Then case then continues with an in-depth analysis of data to describe the strategy of the company. This encourages students to discuss the appropriateness of the strategy adopted at the time with real data, and propose alternatives to change or continue along the same lines.

Finally, the Castillo de Canena case provides the opportunity to analyze an organization from the point of view of its strengths and weaknesses to define a strategy, as well as from a leadership perspective, exerted by its founding directors, their leadership styles, and vision of the business.

You can access the case by clicking on the following link: – – Documentation code: CO1-259-I-M

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