On January 21th the Adjunct and Visiting Faculty started its faculty development plan with the first module of Participant centered learning workshops, composed of the following activities: “Case Method: traditional format” taught by Professor Laura Maguire and “Premises and practices of participant centered learning. The  teaching/learning contract: Practical Experiences” taught by Professor Miguel Sagües.

Professor Maguire shared strategies to use the case method in class. In addition, she promoted an environment for analysis and discussion among professors about the different learning possibilities offered by this method.

Meanwhile Professor Sagües explained teaching and evaluation strategies developed by himself through 24 years of teaching experience at IE. He highlighted the importance of enjoying what is taught and using cases written by the professor himself in class.

The training program this year includes more than 18 workshops in 4 different areas: Participant centered learning workshops, Communication and expression techniques, Personal branding and breakfast-tertulias.