In this issue of the multimedia case of the month we are pleased to present the first multimedia case developed fully for the IE Law School


The interactive case Sunnsett and its author, Teresa Martin, are pioneers in the development of multimedia materials for IE Law School. Sunnsett is the first IE interactive case narrated in comic format, allowing students a visual understanding of the conflict in question, which is of vital importance due to the physical situation of the fusion cuisine restaurant “Sunnsett”, and the adjacent property. In this case students adopt the role of lawyer to the restaurant owners. An interactive search engine allows them to find relevant information, save it, share it with their workgroup and download it, in order to prepare a contract to solve the problem presented.

The professor can monitor the progress of students through a screen designed to be projected in the classroom, which shows those searches performed and the percentage of total searches for each team. In addition, the professor can access all the documents of the case, ensuring in this way that the professor has all of the necessary materials to create a solid classroom discussion.

You can access part of the case (the comic that presents the situation) by clicking on this link:

To access our Open Multimedia Catalogue use the link and remember that all of these interactive resources are freely available for use in your classes at IE. In order to use multimedia documentation, you only need to include the name and code in your syllabus so that the Publishing Department can correctly post it to campus online. If you have any queries or questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at