wow factorPor Felipe Amado Quintana

Acording to recent researchs about services efficiency in a business environment, one of the key factors to create memorable experiences in customers is the so called “Wow factor”.

We can apply this concept to the education and training services at the IE where our customers are just the students. The wow factor consists of creating several ways to surprise the students.

The benefits are these:

  • Students pay full attention.
  • It is a catalyst of the learning process.
  • Students get more involved and feel motivated.
  • Powerfull technique  to recall creativity and diferentiation leading by examples.
  • Creation of alternative knowledge experiencies.
  • It develops a solid learning atmosphere.


Hereby we list some Wow Factor actions several IE Business School professors are alredy using in face to face and on line sessions:

  • Experts are invited to take part in classroom. They can be  anywhere in the world and video conference is being used. Professors can get access to an amazing network based on the alumni and colleagues.
  • Colaboration among professors of the same area in order to enrich sessions and see other views. At the same time this helps to increase the cohesion feeling within te faculty.
  • Colaboration among professors of different areas to analyze the links betwen departments and the importance of the coordination aspect inside the Companies.
  • Using  modern techniques  like the so called “Clip your class”. Record different kind of videos related to the class. Introduction video, preparation guide for teams, life videos ilustrating the process and  real situation, internet existing videos and so on.
  • Encourage students to use Role play in  their presentations in order to show the taking decisión  process and giving more dynamism and reality to the sesion or class.
  • Utilizing 2.0 technology caltools as: mindmaps, content curations, webmix, knowledge pills and more.
  • Recording sound tracks to used  to ilustrate real business situations.
  • Gamification: including games and simulators in your sessions.


The Wow factor is definetly a powerful way to create memorable experiences which will be longlasting in the memory of the students. These experiences contribute to the success of the learning process and promote creativity and diferentation, two very importan values in a business environment nowadays.