IE’s Multimedia Catalogue Revamped

The IE Multimedia team has launched its new catalogue of multimedia resources which includes new useful functionalities for IE professors and staff. Please see the new version visiting

Not only does this version have a new design, but now it also includes additional features. For example, you can use the search engine to easily locate a particular game or multimedia case using key words, see the latest comments from students using the materials, consult a news section to stay up to date with the latest releases, as well as many other improvements.

The IE Multimedia Catalogue includes access to some 300 interactive resources that you can freely include in your IE classes. The large majority of these are available in both English and Spanish and they cover all management knowledge areas. Simply select your area from the menu on the left and begin to explore the interactive content to enhance your classes. To include a resource, simply include the code of the material in your syllabus as you would for regular resources.

We are confident that the new design will provide a smoother user experience and help you get the most out of these resources. If you have any questions or have an interesting idea for a multimedia development of your own, please contact Martín Rodriguez (at