In this edition we are pleased to present the new multimedia case, Ethiopia: Life and Business at the base of the pyramid.

The Ethiopia multimedia case was born as a result of a research program cofounded by Professor Gayle Allard and an International MBA student of hers, Benedict Faber. This project has three distinct stages; The faces of poverty, Doing business and Attracting Investment, and involves a group of International MBA students living in a mission and teaching English classes whilst developing the research project.

The first stage provides an interesting insight into poverty in Ethiopia and to some degree these experiences can be extrapolated to other developing countries. Students describe their experiences of living in Ethiopia and their research findings through a series of video interviews and images. This stage analyses the three pillars of poverty, nutrition, health and education and helps stimulate debate about the causes of poverty and discusses if and how development policies can take the country out of the poverty trap.  

The second stage of the multimedia case, which will be included shortly and is entitled Doing Business, will focus on learning what local businesses are like and what challenges they face. Whilst the third and final stage will take place in the summer of 2015 and will involve students actually selecting a company for investment in an Ethiopian town and arranging the seed capital for this investment.

This case study fosters the discussion about the implementation of developing policies taking as an example the IE research case study on Ethiopia.

You can view the case here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it with this documentation code: EC1-132-I-M.  If you would like more information, please get in touch through . Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through