The redundancies process in a company

A bad day at the office? Making redundancies. Discover how Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, one of the world’s leading architects, navigated the redundancy process in this new multimedia case study.

In this edition we are pleased to present, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP), a multimedia case study which can be used in both the areas of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour.

The case describes the story of the redundancy process carried out by the architectural studio, at the beginning of 2009. It focuses on how this important studio, which was well-known for having a closely knit, employee-orientated culture, managed the complicated redundancy process. After understanding the unique corporate culture at RSHP through videos with the company’s founder and its directors, students adopt the role of consultants and need to advise the studio on how to carry out this complicated process. They will be asked to address such issues as: How to make the cut, proportionally across all departments or limit them to a particular area? What factors to consider for deciding which employees should be made redundant? And, how to deal with the communication of the process? All of these issues are addressed under the framework of the UK employment law.

A professor’s page allows for an in-depth analysis of the students’ decisions and encourages greater discussion about the subject in the class session. This page includes a full breakdown of all the students’ decisions and their justifications, a timeline of the full procedure and the actions of the company at each stage, and full interview reaction to the process from employees. These interviews pose such questions as: Was the process fair? What was your perception of the morale in the office? And has the company moved on from this experience?

All in all, this case study provides a unique insight into what is probably the most dreaded situation managers have to deal with in the workplace.

You can view the case (available in English and in Spanish) here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it with this documentation code: RH1-147-I-M.  If you would like more information and a copy of the Teaching Note, please get in touch through . Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through