IE's global presence


What do we do?

The main purpose of the International Development Department is to establish a relationship with potential students and collaborating companies in order to attract representatives whose interests match those of the educational service that IE offers. Business-to-Consumer [B2C] or Business-to-Business [B2B] relationships frequently begin through diverse communicative activities where the participation of IE professors is fundamental to introduce IE’s educational offerings in-person and virtual classrooms. The function of IE’s International Development Department is to deepen and personalize this contact to ensure it remains stable over time.

The International Development Department is also responsible developing the IE brand worldwide as well as, detecting and capitalizing business opportunities on a national and international level.

The vision of this department is multifaceted, geographically oriented in 27 offices worldwide and highly focused on the market’s educational demands. For IE’s International Development Department every company or individual is a market on their own.


Where is the International Development Department  located?

IE International Development Department´s global presence:

Madrid                                        8, Castellón de la Plana Str. Basement

North America: IE Offices in Los Angeles, New York and Miami
Europe: IE Offices in Munich, Paris, Milan, Lisbon, Moscow, Istanbul and London
Latin America: IE Offices in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Quito, Mexico DF, Lima and Caracas
Asia Pacific:  IE Offices in Syndey, Shanghai, Seoul, Mumbai, Tokyo and Singapore
Middle East & Africa: IE Offices  in Jeddah, Dubai and Lagos


Collaboration of visiting and adjunct professors with the International Development Department at IE

IE’s International Development  Department actively promotes the IE brand worldwide as well as the linkages between the labor market and civil society. The International Development Department actively invites professors to participate in the various activities all over the world.

In you are interested in participating , please contact ;