The multimedia case of the month

What is the latest trend in technology? If it is not Big Data, then this technology is at least sure to provide the answer.

We are proud to present one of our latest developments: Big Data. This multimedia tutorial can be used to introduce students to this novel concept that is shaping important aspects of the industry.

In the Big Data gamified tutorial students will complete a series of challenges that improve their understanding of the topic, and are awarded badges according to their performance. They can also share their achievements in social networks to compete against peers. The information is provided to students in the form of videos, interactive images, animations, social interaction and role playing. Gamification here is geared towards multiplying the level of engagement of students to improve their learning experience.

Students can learn about the origins of the Big Data concept, its definition and characteristics, the technologies used nowadays, and when Big Data is suitable for a business, or when it isn’t. They will also have the chance to put into practice their knowledge, and a have a peek at the latest trends surrounding this technology.

You can view the case here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it using the code: SI2-107-I-M. If you would like more information, please get in touch through Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through