EconBiz Partner meeting 2015

EconBiz is a search portal for economics that started in 2002 as the Virtual Library for Economics and Business Studies funded by the German Research Foundation and is developed continually by the German National Library of Economics with the support of the EconBiz Advisory Board and cooperation partners.

The portal aims to support research in and teaching of economics with a central entry point for all kinds of subject-specific information and direct access to full texts for the sharing of knowledge and cooperation among members. This enables top research in economics and business studies on an international level and to enhance the research output and with conferences in all the countries the belonging member come from. Other meetings like Global Economic Symposium (GES) can be attended as well.

All the libraries of institutions, or faculties working on business or economic studies or related areas can belong to this partnership and also participate on the annual meetings organized to inform about new features and developments carried out and get the feedback from all the members.

EconBiz offers all this with the help of a search engine that holds information from international databases of the field access to full texts on the Internet, calendar of events, the EconDesk reference service and a newsletter.

IE Library is part of the Econbiz partner network, and thus so attended the 2015 EconBiz’s Partner Meeting held at the ZBW Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, in Kiel, Germany, and had the opportunity of networking with international colleagues and improve the holdings, resources and services we offer with the ideas shared with them, fulfilling its role of collaborating and support research on economics as well as share experiences and strengthen ties with professionals from all over the world.