Professors who obtained their PhD

We would like to congratulate our professors Jesús García Soria and Javier Roza who just graduated from their PhD.  All the best and success in your future career. 

Jesús García Soria

Javier Roza Manzano

Case Writing Competition

Case writing is an activity in which IE Business School wants to be a reference for other schools.  Every year the Associate Dean of Research, promotes competition cases on two fronts: the long and short case categories. This year the winners in both categories remained in the hands of adjunct professors: Miguel Rosique, Guillermo Haro and Juan Enrique Flores. Our congratulations to all of them and their collaborators.

Short cases
Case Author(s)
Winner Iberian Lifts S.A. Miguel Rosique
Distinction Bigbangbox y el lanzamiento de “Mafia Business School” Guillermo de Haro y Guillermo Velasco
Distinction BBVA. El cambio en el sistema retributivo. Juan Enrique Flores y Iker Chinchetru

Miguel Rosique

Guillermo de Haro

Juan Enrique Flores