The multimedia case of the month

Digital Transformation in Vocento – a video-based case study

In this edition we present the first in a new series of “Company Chronicles” – case studies which are completely video-based and tell the story of a dilemma from the first-hand perspective of the protagonist.

The trend of people reading on paper is decreasing, whilst the trend for reading online is increasing. The Digital Transformation in Vocento case, by Professor Casimiro Juanes and under the area of Information Systems and Technologies, tells the story of how the company reacted to the shift of consumers from traditional media to online media and the significant reduction in income that this initially brought about. It discusses how a solution was found by analyzing data from its users in order to better understand their habits. Although this first edition is focused on Vocento, one of the leading media companies in Spain, it can be easily extrapolated to other industries where a deep understanding of the customer is needed to monetize the digital market. It depicts a question that many other companies will no doubt be having on their board discussions today.

The story is described from the perspective of the main character, Chief Digital Officer for Vocento, Juan Luis Moreno. In this way, a more personable approach is achieved, improving the understanding of students.

The Company Chronicle cases are proving popular with both professors and students. In general they are shorter than regular case studies and describe a real-life situation with a solution that has already successfully been applied. All of this, embedded in a powerful, engaging and story-based visual format.

You can view the case here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it using the code: SI1-146-I-M. In order to receive a copy of the Teaching Note or if you would like any further information, please get in touch through Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through